Cloudy to Clear: Learn the Basics of Dialysis in One Weekend

Are you tired of feeling like you can't comfort your loved on on dialysis because you don't fully understand? It’s time to stop wondering when and create that deeper understanding now!  

It’s about time you get clear on all the basic aspects of dialysis. Are you ready to help your loved one experience dialysis wellness? We will use exmaples of treatment plans to create a solid, customized plan that will help you how you can help someone live well while on dialysis.  

Who are these classes for? It is for people who want to understand:  

  • Dialysis medications, uses and effects
  • Renal diet and its limitations
  • Common issues with dialysis treatments 
  • The overwhelm of life on dialysis
  • How to decrease the multiple hospital visits and stays
  • Want to reduce their missed time at work

What will you learn in each pillar?

  • Pillar #1- Details of what dialysis is and what happens in a dialysis unit
  • Pillar #2- What each lab means and common bad habits to avoid
  • Pillar #3- Foods that support dialysis health and how to know what foods to limit and avoid. 
  • Pillar #4- Developing health habits and routines; time management, stress management  

By the end of the masterclass you will:

  • Understand what dialysis does for the body
  • Know why the diet and medications are important
  • Coping strategies and techniques
  • Be able to help and support your loved to create a schedule that works for them

Our Ultimate Dialysis Planner will be the book used to help put your loved one's plan into physical form.  

The Ultimate Dialysis Planner  

If you or someone you love has to have dialysis this paperback yearly planner is for you!!! Achieve dialysis wellness by using this dialysis planner as a headquarters for how you live a healthy lifestyle on a dialy basis.Our planner, printed in black and white, is designed to help you keep all of your important papers in one location making it your hub for your health information.  

Included in planner: Monthly calendar templates, weekly schedule templates, dialysis tracker, appointment tracker and medication list tracker. The notes templates offer plenty of room to record your dreams, goal and intentions. There are also 90 day check-ins for you to reflect and evaluate your progress, make adjusts and keep it moving!  



Cloudy to Clear: Learn the Basics of Dialysis in One Weekend




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