4 Pillars of DW workshop


Living With A Purpose

Yes! You can be healthy while on dialysis. 

And live the life you want. 

This amazing, FREE workshop will tell you how. Find out my 4 Pillars of Dialysis Wellness and why they can change your life.  

We work with people who are on dialysis and their families. Living with dialysis it is super important for you to avoid the complications, pitfalls and unnecessary hospitalizations you may face. I have devoted the last 17 years of my life to working with dialysis patients. Our goal is to help improve the lives of as many dialysis patients and families that we can.

 Learn The 4 Pillars of Dialysis Wellness

The online training will be 1 hour long with 30 minutes for a Q&A session.

This online training has been created to help you develop healthier habits and routines by teaching you:


How to organize all of your important dialysis and life information in one location. 


Utlize your numbers and use them to your advantage. Help your doctors treat you the best that they can by providing with with the inforamation they need. 


Tactics to develop a solid plan that works for you. Not everything will work, the key is to always be open to trying new ways of living.

What you will learn:

  • What dialysis wellness is and isn’t. 
  • My 4 Pillars of DW. 
  • Some common pitfalls and bad habits to avoid. 
  • Other diseases that can happen as a result of dialysis. 
  • How to re-frame your perception of diet restrictions.  
  • How to set your schedule for dialysis wellness success.

 Who is this training for?:

  • Future dialysis patients
  • Current dialysis patients
  • Family members 
  • Caregivers  



About the Author

Eboni Gee—a wife, mom, registered nurse, and woman on a mission to help dialysis patients and their families discover a new normal for their lives. She provides wellness workshops and dialysis classes focused on techniques for organizing medication and doctor's appointments, controlling fluid intakes, and protecting your bones and heart while mentally handling a life-changing diagnosis. Kidney health is also a huge part of what we do so working with people who at risk of developing chronic kidney disease is equally important.

I love to entertain, cook and celebrate life!  


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